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Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Slight decrease of 0.08%: Weekly inflation falls from 38.63% to 37.69%

Weekly inflation after a slight decrease of 0.08 percent has fallen from 38.63 percent in the previous week to 37.69 percent in the current week, according to the sensitive Price Index (SPI).

Reduction in food prices has been mentioned as the main cause for the slight decrease in weekly inflation. Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has shown in data that the prices of 26 items increased and nine items decreased whereas 16 items remained at the previous week’s rates.

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According to PBS data, the price of onions decreased by 10.18 percent, bananas by 2.71 percent, chicken by 1.3 percent, ghee by 0.79 percent, mustard oil by 0.36 percent, basmati rice by 0.33 percent, cooking oil by 0.17 percent and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by 1.10 percent.

Whereas prices of tomatoes increased by 10.35 percent, salt by 3.73 percent, eggs by 3.67 percent, pulse mash by 3.65 percent, pulse moong by 3.18 percent, pulse masoor by 2.13 percent, garlic by 2.03 percent and firewood by 1.36 percent.

The data has also shown the year-on-year increase in different consumables. The increase in pulse masoor was recorded at 111.9 percent, onions at 90.05 percent, cooking oil at 73.5 percent, ghee at 70.54 percent and chicken at 57.14 percent.

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It also shows that the year-on-year price for the lowest income group of diesel went up by 109.15 percent, petrol by 88.94 percent, washing soap by 61.92 percent and electricity charges group by 52.61 percent.

The data has also shown that the Sensitive Price Index for the lowest income group decreased by 0.12 percent in the week under review. People earning less than Rs17,732 monthly are included in the lowest income group.



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