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Street crimes rise alarmingly in Faisalabad

Police data suggests 341 people killed this year

The Faisalabad police has completely failed to curb the rising crime rate in the district, which increased by more than 40 percent this year, resulting in a sense of insecurity among the citizens.

According to data released by the police department, there has been a 27 percent increase in serious incidents like killings across the district as compared to last year. As of November last year, as many as 274 people were killed, compared to 341 killed by the end of November this year. Moreover, 425 cases of attempted murder were registered last year, while this year the number of such cases has increased to 548, whereas 12 attempted suicides were reported last year and 13 this year.

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The police report also revealed that the number of kidnappings also increased during the year and the rate was reported to be 18 percent, with as many as 208 kidnappings reported till November last year, while 254 incidents were reported this year. In addition, 69 children were abducted last year and 70 this year. According to the report, the number of abductions of women has increased to 287 this year as compared to 247 last year. The number of cases of rape have increased from 293 to 369.

Moreover, the number of robberies increased by 32 percent because last year 95 incidents of robbery were reported, while this year, so far, 126 incidents came to light. These included three incidents of shoplifting, 52 home robberies, two motorcycle robberies, four car thefts and 67 other robberies. At the same time, the incidence of robbery increased by 27 percent; the number of such incidents was 2,323 last year, while this year the number of such incidents increased to 3,221. Similarly, burglaries increased by seven per cent and 185 incidents were reported as compared to 148 last year.

According to the police report, the incidents of fraud and deception among the citizens during transactions had also increased many times, as last year 1,920 cases of fake cheques were registered, while this year the number of such cases increased to 2,209.

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Overcoming one-wheeling is no less of a challenge for the police either as 175 one-wheeling violations were registered last year compared to 346 cases registered so far this year.

Expressing concern over the rising incidents in the city, the business community said that Faisalabad was an industrial city, but the law and order situation was deteriorating, which was affecting business activities. Concerns have also been expressed in multiple meetings with police officials, but only reassurances and platitudes have been given.

In this regard, a police spokesman said that they were trying their best to control the law and order situation, promising that the rise in the rate of crimes would be reduced soon.


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