Suri for prioritising dual road projects in Balochistan

Former deputy speaker of National Assembly Qasim Khan Suri has termed highway accidents fatal for Balochistan.

In a statement on Sunday, the provincial PTI leader said that the recent road accident in Chaman caused the loss of three precious lives and injured several others which was sickening. He added that the recent increase in road accidents was terrifying for the future of the province and a serious concern for the government.

“We did everything we could during our reign to construct a double lane on emergency from Karachi to Quetta and Chaman highway for which we also allocated money,” he said, adding that they had the intention to construct the roads as soon as possible so that lives could be saved. He further said that such projects needed to be completed on an emergency basis so that the provincial inhabitants would no longer have to lose their loved ones to road accidents. It was a public interest project, he said, which was incomplete and caused losses of precious lives of the people of Balochistan.