Teenager refuses offer of Tesla subscription to stop tracking Musk’s jet

Elon Musk earlier offered teenager $5,000 to take jet-tracking account down

Picture source: Reuters

A teenager who gained popularity by publicly tracking Tesla Founder Elon Musk’s jet, has rejected an offer for a subscription to a Tesla Model 3 in exchange for deleting his Twitter account.

According to the Business Insider, Jack Sweeney, 19, has rejected a car-hire company Autonomy’s offer to have a three-year subscription to the Model 3. Sweeney said that he was not interested in the subscription as he had already said previously, adding that it seemed obvious that Autonomy’s offer came in collaboration with Musk himself.

Sweeney’s account, according to the media outlet, uses bots that monitor publicly sourced air traffic data.

Sweeney, in an interview with The Journal, detailed that he did not want a temporary car but wanted permanent ownership of a Tesla.

Musk had asked Sweeney earlier in fall 2021 to take down his Twitter account, as tracking his private jet could develop into a security concern for him.

The tech giant offered Sweeney $5,000 in exchange for deleting his account and helping “crazy people” from tracking his jet.

Sweeney had refused, instead jacking up the stakes to $50,000, saying that the money could go towards purchasing a Model 3 and college tuition.

When he initially turned down the money, Sweeney told the Insider that the $5,000 up for grabs would not match the satisfaction he got from operating the account.






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