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Monday, January 30, 2023
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UN calls for Taliban to lift ban on women working in NGOs and INGOs

UN Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator in Afghanistan Fran Equiza has met with Afghan Health Minister Dr.Qalandar Ebad to lift the ban on women working in NGOs and INGOs.

According to United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan, the ban will impact millions of vulnerable Afghans.

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Earlier last week, a UN mission urged the Taliban to reverse the ban on women’s university education.

UNAMA statement said, “The UN family and the entire humanitarian community in Afghanistan share the outrage of millions of Afghans and the international community over the decision by the Taliban de facto authorities to close universities to female students across the country until further notice and calls on the de facto authorities to immediately revoke the decision.”

The UNAMA statement came a day after UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres denounced the decision, calling it a very troubling move and another broken promise from the Taliban, which promised to respect human rights when it took power.

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Guterres said, “It’s difficult to imagine how a country can develop, can deal with all of the challenges that it has, without the active participation of women and the education.”

The US State Department also condemned the move and warned of serious consequences.


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