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US increases Pakistan’s aid to $20 million to counter flood effects

The United States increased its humanitarian aid to Pakistan by $20 million in order to help the millions of people impacted by catastrophic flooding.

The US said last week that it will provide $30 million in humanitarian aid to Pakistan’s flood-affected citizens.

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According to USAID administrator Samantha Power, the United States is giving an additional $20 million in humanitarian assistance to support the people affected by catastrophic floods in Pakistan.

Since June, there have been flood-related crises that have affected an estimated 33 million people, resulting in about 1,400 fatalities, and more than 12,700 injuries.

More than 1.7 million houses, an estimated 13.8 million acres of agriculture, thousands of kilometres of road, and hundreds of bridges have been damaged or destroyed, decimating the infrastructure in the flood’s path.

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A Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) composed of USAID disaster professionals has also been sent to Pakistan to coordinate humanitarian assistance operations on behalf of the US government.



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