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US offers assistance to Pakistan with TTP menace

The United States on Monday offered Pakistan support in its fight against the TTP and other organizations, indicating that it is closely monitoring reports that militants have taken control of a counterterrorism center in Bannu.

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price made these comments during a news briefing following Bilawal Bhutto- Zardari’s arrival in Washington for meetings with US government representatives.

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The United States stated that both countries shared the goal of eliminating terrorism.

The statement also made an offer to help India and Pakistan resolve their issues, noting that both countries were important global allies and that America wanted to maintain their valued partnerships with both.

The official said that the US extends sincere condolences to those who were hurt. We call on the perpetrators to stop all acts of violence, free the hostages and stop taking control of the counterterrorism center.

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In response to a query regarding Monday’s seizure of a CTD facility in Bannu, he stated, “The government of Pakistan is a partner when it comes to shared concerns, including the challenge of terrorist groups inside Afghanistan… terrorist groups along the Afghan-Pakistan border… we stand ready to assist, whether with this unfolding situation or other situations.”

In response to a further query regarding last week’s verbal spat between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan at the UN, Price stated, “We have a global strategic alliance with India. I simply mentioned how strong our relationship is with Pakistan. Each of the two partnerships can stand on its own.”

He added that they had a relationship where “we can be friends with both” and that the US understood the value of keeping these beneficial alliances with our friends in India and Pakistan.


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