‘Why is Ayesha Akram trending and not Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan?’ asks Mishi Khan

Actor, singer and host Mishi Khan questions the concerns of Pakistanis

Popular actor, singer, comedian and host Mishi Khan has this habit of regularly giving her opinion on socio-political issues through video messages on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

A few days back, Khan appeared in another video, this time sounding quite cross at what Pakistanis are interested in, as can be seen from what is trending in their news for the past two weeks.

It was on the 10th of October that Pakistan’s nuclear scientist, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan breathed his last. A few mourned the national hero’s death on the internet while the television news showed slides on his demise. Instead, what was found trending in Pakistani news was the controversial TikTok star, Ayesha Akram and her friend known as Rambo.

The TikToker and her friend got involved in a major controversy in the month of August when a video showing several men gathered around Ayesha Akram and harassing her in Lahore’s Iqbal Park went viral on social media.

While the majority of Pakistanis sympathized with the star, they were later left disappointed when it was revealed that the entire act was planned and it was a meet and greet session which started with Ayesha Akram sending flying kisses to her fans while lying comfortably in her friend Rambo’s arms.

A few days after that, the entire scenario grew even more controversial when it was revealed that Ayesha Akram’s friend was involved in allowing the people in the park to harass her, despite appearing as her caretaker in the viral video as well as in videos shared by the star on her TikTok account prior to this act.

The entire incident with all of its twists and turns is what started trending in Pakistani news in the month of August and is still trending and not the demise of Pakistan’s nuclear scientist, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan was left to lie on his deathbed without even a statement of sympathy on the part of the Pakistani government, and was waved goodbye without being honoured the way he should have been honoured .

This indifference towards the literate, and an ever-growing interest in ‘cheap’ TikTok videos is what was addressed by Mishi Khan in her video, who expressed concern on the kind of content Pakistanis have developed an inclination towards.

“The TikToker and her friend have been making fools out of Pakistanis by their cheap publicity stunts and are still being given so much importance. On the other hand, a man who made the country a nuclear power remained in the news for hardly a day and was forgotten after that,” said the star.

Khan ended her video by saying that the kind of news trending in Pakistan has a lot to tell about the entire country’s mindset. The content in which the majority of Pakistanis have started taking interest is a serious matter that should be attended to.