Women to be punished for wearing non-Sharia clothes, says Iranian judiciary

Picture source - Getty Images

Iranian judiciary has announced that women in Iran will be punished for violating the Sharia dress code.

Iran’s judiciary declared removing women’s headscarves a sign of hostility to the Islamic Republic of Iran and its values.

According to the Iranian judiciary, all means will be used to deal with those who harm public peace and those who cooperate with the enemy will also be dealt with strictly.

It should be remembered that the case of Mahsa Amini, who was arrested for not wearing the hijab in Iran and died in custody, is still active and Iranians are protesting for the past several months.

Iranians living abroad also protested against the government for Mahsa Amini. As a result of the protests, clashes broke out between protesters and law enforcement officials in Iran, in which many people were killed and hundreds were arrested.