Xi scolds Trudeau at G20 summit over private conversation leak

Picture source - AFP

Chinese President Xi Jinping scolded Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G20 summit after details of the discussion between the two leaders were leaked to the media.

As per media reports, this public argument may worsen the already tense circumstances between the two nations.

Xi through the interpreter stated that everything we discussed has been leaked to the papers. That is not appropriate.

Xi further added, “And that’s not the way (our discussion) was conducted, was it? If there is sincerity, we can have conversations based on an attitude of mutual respect.
Otherwise, the results will be unpredictable.”

To which the Canadian President replied that in Canada we believe in transparent and frank dialogue and we will continue to have that.

He tells Xi that there will be things we disagree on, but we will look to work constructively together.

In response to which Xi cut Trudeau by raising his hands and said, “Create the conditions. Create the conditions” and walk past him after shaking hands.

After Ottawa recently accused Beijing of interfering with its judicial and political processes Trudeau brought up with Xi on Tuesday the matter of what he called Chinese “intervention” with Canadian individuals.


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