2nd phase of census becomes nightmare for enumerators

‘Lack of security, non-cooperation of people and outdated software delaying the process’

The second phase of the census turned out to be a nightmare for the enumerators. Contrary to the instructions issued, the order issued to register the identity cards of all members of the household, form B twice, Enumerators are not provided with any security, and enumerators are worried about the tough attitude of the families while the families have repeatedly expressed serious reservations about getting information. There is a fear of delay of two months in completing the census.

The first phase of census across the country has been completed from March 1 to March 10 during which house enumeration or listing work was completed. While now the second phase has been started, this has come out as a mental torture and problems for the enumerators who are part of the census. Contrary to the instructions issued in the training given to the enumerators, now suddenly orders have been issued to register the ID cards and B-form of all the members of the house twice, which is not necessary and the members of the family are expressing their displeasure in this regard.

According to the sources, during the first phase of census listing, all the enumerators kept persuading every household by saying this that you will not be asked for any identification documents like ID card and B-form and marriage certificate etc. in the second stage, so you can give your data without hesitation. However, these documents are still being asked from the families, on which almost all the families expressed their concerns.

According to the sources, in the current situation, each enumerator is able to take the census of only 7 to 10 houses on a daily basis. And at this rate, each enumerator will be able to complete his work in two and a half months, which is likely to delay the completion of the census phase.

According to the sources, a majority of the enumerators have not been provided any security or if any security has been provided, it is without arms. According to the schedule issued by the police, any security official who will be with the enumerators will be armed with an official rifle or pistol, but despite this, these orders are not being implemented by the police.

In this regard, the enumerators said that at present the political temperature is at its peak across the country and the society is suffering from intolerance and non-cooperation. Due to lack of security, the enumerators are getting to hear non-cooperative statements from the family members even if they don’t want to. And in spite of any situation of rudeness and bad civility, the enumerators are engaged in attaining their goals by remaining within the circle of distinction and tolerance and in a pleading manner.

According to sources, although announcements were made in some blocks by the enumerators, many households did not make any preparations for the speedy delivery of information despite these announcements. Rather, the enumerators were made to wait in the sun for an hour in the process of collecting information.

It has also been clarified that the tab provided to the enumerators needs to be updated along with the software as the software asks very strange questions about children and elderly to be noted. Not only does it waste a lot of time, but if the question is repeatedly asked to the family, it annoys the family and they misbehave with the enumerators.

According to the sources, the enumerators have to type the ID card of the respondent four times in case he is the head. However, the head of the household insists that when you have entered my ID card number in your software, why you don’t fetch the information about my household yourself.

The enumerators have appealed to the higher authorities to take immediate notice of their problems and decide the improvement plan so as to facilitate both the enumerators and the department and to achieve the set goals of the census.