EU aims to approve more sanctions on Iran, more aid for Ukraine

Picture source - Reuters

The European Union’s diplomats gathered at Luxemburg to discuss military and financial aid for Kyiv forces and more sanctions on Iran targeting Iran’s Morality Police.

In Monday’s meeting, they also discussed training for Kyiv forces as a top agenda.

According to a Deutsche Welle report, the EU’s diplomats were also predicted to approve an additional €500 million ($487 million) in funding for arms deliveries to Kyiv, as well as a plan to train 15,000 soldiers beginning in November.

The training of Ukraine’s forces is expected to take place in Germany and Poland.

Regarding sanctions on Iran, EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell stated, “We will look for concrete evidence about the participation (of Iran in the Ukraine war),” after allegations of Tehran providing supplying weapons to Russia.

The diplomats aimed to put a travel ban on at least 15 officials involved in the crackdown on demonstrators.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock stated that sanctions are meant to target Iran’s so-called Morality Police for detaining and torturing Mahsa Amini.

She added that the EU had to respond to the “brutal response to peaceful protestors” playing out across Iran.

Another important topic of discussion was the EU’s relationship with China and ministers agreed on adopting a tougher approach to Beijing.



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