Faiza Gillani is just the right choice for a Bee Gul script – here’s why!

Pakistani drama serials these days are characterized by lovely, fair faces. Language, with all of its aspects, from vocabulary to pronunciation, is not given its due importance.

In such times, we come across very few people who treat drama as a respectable genre of Literature and take care of all the aspects that are associated with it. Among writers, Bee Gul is one such figure who along-with some of her brilliant contemporaries such as Amna Mufti and Saji Gul, is trying hard to keep Pakistani drama intact with all the sophistications that come along with this technical genre. Gul is known for her good usage of Urdu language, and a conscious effort to include performers whose dialogue delivery is par excellence. She is someone who is known for marking herself present on sets to read out the script to the actors, something which the likes of Haseena Moin were known for doing.

When it comes to actors, it is again, not surprising that the majority is given Urdu scripts typed in English so that they can make out what is written. Many have also been noticed using wrong pronunciation and getting away with it using their glamour and social media following. Amidst these young performers who have more to do with looks and less to do with dialogue delivery, Faiza GillanI stands out as someone who not only adds grace to the screen, but speaks so eloquently that one is left impressed.

Known for her appearances in the films “Waar” and “Laal Kabootar” and her character roles in drama serials like “Baji Irshad”, “Ullu Baraaye Farokht Nahi”, “Izn e Rukhsat”, “Deewangi”, “Tarap” and the very recent, “Pardes”, Gilani has never failed to inspire with her clear dialogue delivery, characterized by each and every word spoken with the utmost care. It is evident from the actress’s performances that she takes under consideration not only the right usage of language, but also the way it has to be enunciated. A good example is her serial “Tarap”, in which there were multiple scenes in which the actress had to simultaneously cry and speak, in accordance with the way her character was developed. While usually it happens that the viewers miss out on a lot of words uttered by actors in their scenes of crying, it wasn’t the case with Faiza Gillani, who lost focus on neither of the two, and gave a wonderful performance with an awe-inspiring dialogue delivery.

Now that Faiza Gillani is appearing in a serial by Bee Gul, we are left all the more excited, for we couldn’t have thought of a better writer-actor duo. Bee Gul, as mentioned before, is known for her sophisticated use of language and a wrong choice of actors can definitely bring about a destruction of it. However, Yasra Rizvi, who happens to be the director of this upcoming serial by Bee Gul called “Working Women”, seems to have analyzed well the requirements of the script. Her inclusion of Gillani in the cast is a proof of her realization of the fact that good writers need good actors for a fine execution of their stories on screen. Gillani will also be accompanied by Maria Wasti, Anoushey Abbasi, Jenaan Hussain and multiple other well-known actresses.

The channel of the serial is not known yet, but it is hoped that “Working Women” will go on air next year in the month of March. With a writer like Bee Gul, a director like Yasra Rizvi and a performer like Faiza Gillani, “Working Women” promises visible ripples in the drama industry.

Muhammad Ali has an M.Phil in classic and contemporary Pakistani television drama, Partition Novel and Literary Environmental Literature. He has written extensively on these topics for various local newspapers between 2015-2020. His research on Sahira Kazmi's classical drama serial "Zaib un Nisa" has been presented on various platforms such as Olomopolo Media and ICDELL, 2019. He can be reached on Twitter @MuhammadAli_DT, and through email at m.ali_aquarius85@yahoo.com