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FO condemns raging anti-Muslim violence in India

Asks New Delhi to transparently investigate incidents of widespread violence against Muslims

Pakistan on Monday strongly condemned the campaign of violence and targeted attacks against Muslims by fanatic Hindu mobs in various Indian states.

The Foreign Office said the recent despicable attempt to hoist the saffron flag at Jahangirpuri’s Jamia Masjid in New Delhi where Muslims were waiting to break their fasts, revealed the gravity of the state-sanctioned hysteria and hatred in India against Muslims. The Hindu mobs indulged in derogatory sloganeering, playing provocative music and brandishing weapons during the procession of Hanuman Shobha Yatra with impunity, it said.

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“This incident has rekindled the horrific memories of the Delhi pogrom of February 2020 which was aimed to discriminate, dispossess and dehumanize the Muslim community,” the FO statement said. It said the Ram Navami riots, which spread out across many Indian states had shone a spotlight on the precipitous slide of India into a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

“Harrowing scenes of demolition of houses, businesses and shops belonging to Muslims and the vandalization of mosques by local authorities in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat reveal the deep penetration of Hindutva ideology into the fabric of Indian state and society,” it said. The FO said Pakistan noted with deep regret the rapidly increasing trend in India of using religious processions of the Hindu community to fan communal hatred and instigate anti-Muslim violence.

“Even more alarming is the fact that the local authorities that were evidently complicit in the fear-mongering have launched a concerted campaign against the Muslims on the pretext of a crackdown against ‘alleged rioters’,” it said. The FO said Pakistan called upon the government of India to transparently investigate the incidents of widespread violence and intimidation against Muslims and their places of worship and make demonstrable efforts to prevent such incidents from recurring in future.

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“We also call upon the international community, particularly the United Nations and relevant international human rights and humanitarian organizations to hold India accountable for its gross and widespread human rights violations against minorities, particularly Muslims,” the FO said.

Meanwhile, a report released by Kashmir Media Service says that India is continuously violating all international laws and conventions in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and people are even deprived of their basic human rights in the territory. India is using black laws like Public Safety Act (PSA) and Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) in IIOJK to arrest the Kashmiris, said the report.

It deplored that India revoked Kashmir’s special status in flagrant violation of international laws and Modi-led India is settling non-Kashmiris in the occupied territory against the United Nations resolutions. The report said as part of snatching Kashmiris’ identity, India is granting domicile status to non-locals on a fast-track basis. It said that giving domicile certificates to non-Kashmiris is a clear violation of international law and the UN resolutions on Kashmir. The RSS-backed BJP regime is plotting to deprive Kashmiris of their identity, it added.

The report said India is preventing the Kashmiris from exercising their universally recognized right to self-determination and is not willing to implement the UN Kashmir resolutions. It maintained that Modi had made IIOJK a living hell for the Kashmiri people and fate of millions of the Kashmiri people could not be left to the whims and fancies of India.



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