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Goddess Kaali smoking cigarette: A film poster sparks uproar on Internet

A controversial poster showing goddess Kaali smoking a cigarette has sparked a massive uproar on the Internet. Netizens have been calling out the makers and accusing them of hurting religious sentiments.

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit was also one of them. He slammed the poster drawing parallel between it and Nupur Sharma’s statement. He also called for the arrest of the film’s director Leena Manimekalai.

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Not just him, but there were many who alleged that the Hindu deity was being disrespected and demanded strict action against the filmmaker. Many also raised points on freedom of expression and noted that they want the Indian judiciary system to intervene and take strict action against the film.

A Delhi-based lawyer on Monday filed a police complaint against Director Leena Manimekalai over a controversial poster of her new documentary. The said the controversial poster was shared by Manimekalai on social media on July 2. In the poster, Goddess Kaali has been shown smoking a cigarette.

It has sparked off a massive uproar on social media with demands to arrest the director trending on Twitter.  “The Director has hurt my religious sentiments by showing Goddess Kali smoking which is highly objectionable and not acceptable in any manner,” Jindal told IANS.



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