I am getting life threats from Shehla Raza, says Dr. Fatima Riaz

Psychiatrist of Dua Zehra Dr. Fatima Raza has claimed that she is getting life threats from Special assistant Chief Minister Sindh Syeda Shehla Raza.

According to Dr. Fatima, she was assigned the duty to assess the mental state of Dua Zehra and she has already submitted her report.

She also claimed that she was drugged when she went to do her job.

“They mix something in my tea when I went to assess the mental condition of Dua Zehra,” she claimed.

She went on to say that as an FCPS-approved psychiatrist I could feel the changes in my behaviour that’s why I got my urine toxicology test done from Agha Khan laboratory Garden.

Fatima said that according to her test reports benzodiazepines were detected in her urine.

She further stated that her test record is available at Agha Khan Laboratory garden and she knew that she was intoxicated.

As per Dr. Fatima, she has submitted her reports along with the dress she got from Dua Zehra’s Parents to the court.

Dua Zehra a minor was kidnapped from her home by Zaheer Ahmad and a gang who claimed that Dua left a home on her own, however, the Karachi court ordered that Dua Zahra is to stay at a government-run child protection and shelter home for the duration of the trial.


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