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Imran describes ruling elite as ‘corrupt, soft and slave’

Former premier implores institutions to see where nation stands on ‘US conspiracy’

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday described Pakistan’s ruling elite as corrupt, soft and a slave, who “thinks we cannot survive without the United States”.

Addressing overseas Pakistanis via video link, the former prime minister said that by bringing an “ocean of people” to Islamabad for his planned long march to the capital, he wanted the institutions to know “where the nation stands on his ‘US conspiracy’ narrative”, who, according to him, toppled his government despite its “tremendous achievements”. “We want everyone to be part of our protest, including families. I want institutions to know where our nation stands [on alleged US conspiracy].”

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He said India negotiated and received oil at a cheaper rate despite their close bonds with the US, but “our trip to Russia angered the West”. “They never appreciated our efforts to help during the war on terror and now they threatened us,” he added.

He said better ties with Russia could have ensured cheap gas and wheat for the country, adding that Pakistan’s foreign policy should be designed keeping its own interests in mind. The PTI chief said he knew something was up since July and August last year after “frequency of opposition lawmakers’ visits to the US embassy increased”.

“Donald Lu threatened our ambassador on March 7 and said that if the no-confidence motion was successful then Pakistan will be forgiven but if Imran Khan is not ousted then Pakistan will suffer severe consequences,” he said, and added that with the help of local traitors, his government was isolated and subsequently removed from power.

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“[PM] Shehbaz Sharif and his family have corruption cases. In the West, will someone with ongoing corruption cases be allowed to run for elections? If you want to destroy a country then get thieves to run it. This is detrimental to the future of Pakistan,” he added.

The PTI chief said that handing over power to the “corrupt” people was even a “bigger conspiracy” and a great disrespect to a nation of 220 million people.

“Why don’t the media questions them (current government) about inflated prices? Run campaigns on social media and express that you do not support this government,” he urged the overseas Pakistanis.

He asked the overseas Pakistanis to seek clarification from their government whether will they allow such a conspiracy to happen in their own country.

“Your voice matters and you should raise your voice. We will never accept it (toppling of PTI government). We will give a call for Islamabad after May 20 and there will be an ocean of people [in the capital city]. I have never seen so much awareness and unity in public and they are united on one point that they will never accept slavery,” he added.



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