Imran Khan urges public to stand up for their rights

Former prime minister Imran Khan warned that if people didn’t stand up for their rights, they would never receive justice.

On Wednesday, while speaking to a public gathering on day six of the Long March, Imran Khan said that death is better than slavery.

“I must say here that justice is given out only in human society. I need your support, everyone. I tell you all it’s better to die than to be slaves.”

PTI Chairman further questioning the murders of officials looking into corruption allegations against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, he claimed that “all officers died one after another.”

He said, no one questioned why they all passed away suddenly, and Imran Raza, another officer who was leading the investigation, passed away afterwards.

Imran said that the system, “cannot be repaired unless the powerful are brought under the law,” and he alleged that “hidden hands” were working to keep the leadership of the current administration from being apprehended.

He also said that Pakistan’s major problem is that dishonest individuals get control of the government without being held accountable.

He questioned, what triggered “that much inflation in just six months?”

“All charges have been dismissed; they received an NRO. The cases against Shehbaz have also been dismissed, and Maryam’s papa is getting ready to return.

According to him, “only small thieves will be arrested, while the affluent will get away with it.”

He added, “We are not sheep,” and said that they had passed rules that would only result in the arrest of minor thieves.


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