JUI-F rally accuses ‘corrupt’ Sindh govt of hiding behind ‘inept’ federal government

On the call of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) President and Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) Chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman, the JUI-F took out a huge rally and staged a sit-in protest at Jinnah Bagh Chowk on Tuesday against the Sindh government.

JUI-F protested against corruption, inflation, lawlessness, unemployment, uncleanliness, and ruined health and education systems in Sindh, with a special focus on Larkana, the home district of the martyred Bhutto leaders.

The sit-in was joined by JUI-F Provincial General Secretary Maulana Rashid Mahmood Soomro, Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) member of provincial assembly (MPA) Moazim Ali Abbasi, Adil Altaf Unar, Maulana Nasir Mahmood Soomro and others.

Addressing the gathering, these top leaders said that false promises of relief to the people had been wiped out and that the federal and provincial governments had become a curse. They said the corrupt Sindh government was hiding behind an incompetent federal government. They stated that people had miserable lives, but the rulers were deaf and dumb while in power. They said that prices of commodities of daily life had sky-rocketed and that people were unable to have two meals. They furthered that the government’s writ was lost, and the puppet government was constantly raising prices of essential items. The protest leaders also said that Sindh’s lands, islands and natural resources were being sold at the cheapest rates, which was unfair to the people of the province.

They said billions of rupees released for Larkana’s development were embezzled and the residents continued to suffer. They said because of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), uncleanness, unemployment, and the worst education and health systems were prevalent, but the rulers felt no shame. They said the people of Sindh had been economically ruined. They noted that lawlessness had reached a very high level, but the Sindh Government had done nothing to bring peace yet.

They said if a cat of Zardari’s daughter was indisposed, it was taken to a hospital for treatment in a helicopter. Yet, poverty-stricken people don’t get even a single tablet from public sector hospitals. They further alleged that people were poisoning their kids due to unprecedented unemployment and asked if that was not cruelty, then what was it. They said Larkana’s police had become personal servants of the rulers.

Demonstrators said Larkana Awami Ittihad had forced PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to visit the streets of Larkana for the first time. Still, his near and dear ones keep him away from the masses and took him to selected areas. They said rotten and broken roads were repaired at night to keep Bilawal away from ground realities.

They said people of Larkana and Sindh had awakened now, and they would never vote for Zardari League in the name of martyrs, and PPP would be wiped out of Sindh.