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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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EditorialNew wave of terrorism

New wave of terrorism

The new wave of terrorism has exposed the nation to new challenges at a time when it is already facing its worst economic and political crises. All state organs and the general public are affected by the unpleasant presence of terrorists who have both inside and external collaborators. Terrorists have made Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, and other cities in the country their primary targets for strikes, in addition to Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. Five troops, including a captain of the Pakistan Army, lost their lives as a result of a mine explosion during the army’s ongoing clearance operation in the Kahan region of the Kohlu district of Balochistan. This operation is taking place in response to verified intelligence information. Through the Sambaza region of Zhob, a group of terrorists attempted to enter Pakistan from Afghanistan. They intended to carry out sabotage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but the security forces found them. In the firing, one jawan was martyred and one terrorist was killed. In addition, five grenade strikes occurred almost simultaneously in five separate Balochistan cities, including Quetta, injuring 15 persons, including three officers, a lady, and a girl. In Quetta, a grenade was neutralised by a grenade disposal team. The majority of bomb-throwing instances happened in police stations. The attacks claimed many priceless lives, and several saboteurs were also killed.

The ISPR detailed the Kahan incident in a news release; it is determined that such acts of anti-national elements cannot damage Balochistan’s peace and prosperity. The American Embassy in Islamabad has issued a high alert for its people in light of the increased occurrences of terrorism. Islamabad Police has also enhanced patrols at the federal capital’s entrances and exits. This surge of terrorism demands more thought at a time when the country is dealing with inflation, unemployment, an energy crisis, street crime, and a slew of other significant issues. Corruption is undeniably a major issue in this country, and the economy is suffering as a result. Political parties should set aside their differences in order to support the army in its hunt for terrorists in such a circumstance. The army should adhere to its promise to stay out of politics. However, we observe that some parties consistently want political assistance from the military. Thine. The hunt for terrorists should be the top priority for military intelligence. Nobody denies that the two nations on our eastern and western borders have developed into hotbeds of terrorism and plots against Pakistan, and that our gallant armed forces and intelligence services are continually engaged in efforts to disrupt these plots. For the sake of the nation’s life and security, it is imperative to set aside the political power struggle and cooperate with the military forces to address any imminent threats. However, in reality, all politicians and political parties are engaged in a power battle. The goal is to acquire or hold onto power. Given how quickly both domestic and foreign terrorists are threatening Pakistan’s security, the country needs to be ready to combat them with far greater vigilance. Political parties should be more concerned with the nation than the chair, which at this time demands all of their focus.

Furthermore, the Taliban’s interim administration, which has been in charge of Afghanistan since US and NATO forces withdrew, released the militants of the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The banned TTP has proceeded to advance its nefarious goals. causing issues for Pakistan. It is a known truth that India funds and supports the banned TTP, and that India’s Research and Analysis Wing manipulates the Baloch groups against Pakistan. Even now, this outfit is doing terrorist actions around the nation in an effort to sabotage the tranquillity and peace of the anti-Pakistan forces, and despite Pakistan’s repeated requests, the Afghan interim government has not provided any guarantees.

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