Nobody would say no to India Usman Khawaja backs Australia tour to Pakistan

The cancellation of Pakistan tours by New Zealand and England has been described as “very disheartening” by Australian batter Usman Khawaja.

According to the Australian media, Khawaja said that nobody would say no to India if they were in the same situation while throwing his weight behind cricket in Pakistan.

“I believe it is quite easy for players and organisations to say no to Pakistan, just because it’s Pakistan,” Khawaja remarked. “I believe the same thing would apply if Bangladesh were involved. But if they were in the same circumstances, no one would say no to India.”

“We all know money talks, and money is undoubtedly a huge part of it,” he added.

Khawaja also expressed support for Australia’s upcoming trip to Pakistan, which will take place after the Ashes.

“Through their events, they continue to demonstrate that they are a safe location to play cricket. He stated, “I don’t think there’s any reason why we shouldn’t go back.”

Khawaja, who was part of this year’s HBL Pakistan Super League while playing for Islamabad United, also praised the security arrangements in Pakistan.

“There’s a lot of security. Heavy, heavy security. I’ve heard nothing but reports about people feeling safe. Even talking to the guys during the PSL about what it’s like … they would say the same thing to me ‘like 10 years ago, maybe not, but now 100 per cent’,” he concluded.