Postpartum reports unveil story of vicious beast in Swat

Police intensify investigation after new reveal in incident reported as animal attack

It has surfaced that the two women and a girl who were earlier reportedly killed by a bloodthirsty animal were in fact murdered by unknown persons with a sharp instrument in Matta Tehsil of Swat.

The post-mortem report alleviated the unrest among the people and the police registered a case against unknown persons.

Mirdad’s 60-year-old wife, Taj Muhammad’s wife, and six-year-old Rubina were killed at Gul Zarin house in the Venai area yesterday.

According to initial information received from the villagers, the three were attacked and killed by a vicious animal, which caused fear and anxiety among the people, while the police were also involved in resolving the issue.

According to the Swat police, the three bodies were shifted to the hospital for postmortem. All three were killed by unknown individual(s) with sharp instruments as per the postmortem reports.

Following the post-mortem reports, a case has been lodged against unknown persons on Taj’s complaint and the police have intensified their investigation.