Spy chiefs told to file report on Islamabad riots

SC says it’s disappointed to note that riots took place during PTI’s long march despite its orders

Picture source - supremecourt.gov.pk

Islamabad: The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed director generals of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Intelligence Bureau (IB), and other relevant authorities to submit a report explaining whether the judiciary’s orders were violated on May 25 Islamabad riots.

The Supreme Court’s directives were issued in a written order on the plea filed by the Islamabad High Court Bar Association (IHCBA) against the government’s decision to block roads to stop PTI’s ‘Azadi March’.

The top court had earlier disposed of the IHCBA’s petition and issued an order a day after PTI Chairman Imran Khan on May 26 announced calling off the long march.

In the written order, the court also said it was “disappointed” to note that riots took place in the federal capital despite its order to create a balance between both sides – the PTI and the government.

“This balance was recorded in good faith by the court whilst trusting the representations made on behalf of the two opposing parties before it. We are disappointed to note that the bona fide effort made by the court was disrespected,” the apex court said.

The court said by acting upon assurances given on behalf of the top leadership of the PTI and issuing directions to the government, its order created a balance between the mutual rights and obligations of the protesting people, the ordinary public and the duties of the state.

The SC said it passed the order – by trusting the representations made and assurances given to the court – to create harmony between the two opposing sides for the sake of protecting the public interest and the constitutional rights of the people.

“In the present case, to say the least, the moral high ground held by the parties has diminished because public rights, interests, and property of the disinterested public have been breached and damaged badly,” the SC said.

The SC said it expects that the high functionaries of the executive throughout the country and the top leadership of the PTI and other political parties shall abide and settle a fair code of securing free, fair, and peaceful political activity in the country leading to the holding of national election.

“Nevertheless, there remains the lurking question of whether the responsibility for the events of yesterday evening comprising reckless acts of mob anger can be blamed upon the senior leadership of the PTI,” the top court said.