Students display innovative ideas at exhibition

Students here on Saturday showcased their creative skills and innovative approaches in form of unique models at a Science, Arts and Cultural Exhibition 2022.

The one-day exhibition was organized by Khpal Kor Model School and college (Girls Campus), an institution where orphan children of the Malakand division live and get an education. A large number of girls took part in the exhibition. The exhibition attracted a large number of visitors from different schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

The students said that they were excited to have a huge number of visitors taking interest in their models. “We have a passion for paintings and always make paintings on thematic as well as non-thematic ideas. Today we receive an encouraging response from the visitors,” Laleena Kamal and Ambreen Jehan, the students of Class 10th and 1st year, told this scribe at their stall. Visitors take interest in science projects and enjoy traditional food

The students standing at the science stalls said that they used to work on different projects with the help of their teachers. They said that they always wanted to showcase their creative talent to people and receive feedback.

“We conduct experiments in presence of people here about making methane, ethane, propane, and butane gases by the combination of water and petrol. We also make other experiments in front of people who appreciate us,” said Faiza Muhammad, a student of Class 1st Year.

Muneeba Fazal and Aiman Ali, who were conducting blood group tests at the exhibition, said that they did the blood group experiment in their biology lab and decided to carry it out in the exhibition so that many people could be benefited. “Today we conducted hundreds of blood tests, informing people about their blood groups,” they said. The visitors also enjoyed various traditional foods and drinks at the food stalls.


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