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TTP accepting responsibility for the Balochistan attack is worrisome and condemnable, says Rana Sanaullah

Interior minister Rana Sana Ullah strongly condemned Balochistan terrorist attack during the press conference.

Interior Minister during the conference also stated that TTP accepting responsibility for the attack is quite worrisome and condemnable.

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“Afghanistan should also be concerned about the TTP attack in Balochistan as Pakistan offer Afghanistan all sort of assistance,” Rana Sanaullah stated.

Sanaullah further stated that I want to reassure the public of Pakistan that the situation is not out of control in Balochistan or KP or any part of the country.

Interior Minister also urged provincial governments, especially KP Govt should take this matter very seriously and take impactful action against it.

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Federal Government is ready to tackle this issue and help provincial administrations in KP, Balochistan, and all parts of the country said, Rana.

He also revealed that KP Chief Minister was not allowed to attend the PM-chaired security-related meeting.

“He (CM KP) should have come it’s not about politics it’s about state security,” said the Interior minister.

While referring to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran khan and his workers Rana Sanaullah stated that Imran Khan is trying to unstable the state through anarchy.

He said that Imran Khan always preached false narratives and now his 3rd class corruption has been revealed in front of the whole country.

“Imran Khan did not even dare to reach Islamabad. He could not even show power in Rawalpindi. He does not have public support,” said the minister.

He also said, “He (Imran Khan) should have accepted his failure in Pindi and should have apologized to the whole public.”

He also said that Politicians should accommodate each other to end deadlock, similarly, Imran should also come to Parliament and talk.

“You claim that you’re getting out of a corrupt system by dissolving KP and Punjab assemblies then you should also get out of senate, Gilgit, and Kashmir and get totally out of this corrupt system and bring revolution. What’s the point of getting out of your so-called corrupt system and then getting back in the same system after elections?” Rana urged.

“You handed the whole Punjab to Farah Gogi is it not corruption?” The Interior minister questioned Khan.

Dissolving KP and Punjab assemblies is dangerous for the concept of free and fair elections and is unconstitutional and undemocratic, said Rana.

“In case Imran dissolves KP and Punjab assemblies then we will try to extend the date to the general election otherwise if the election were to be held within 90 days then we are ready for elections, in any case, we will follow constitutional proceedings,” Sanaullah said.

“PTI government failed because of its inability to provide the Public with the relief they promised,” said Minister.


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