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What Komal Rizvi is offering this Ramazan as a make-up savvy celebrity!

Pakistani singer and actress Komal Rizvi has a lot to offer this Ramadan. From her work as a fashionista to her social welfare services, Pakistanis have a lot to look up to when it comes to Komal Rizvi.

The ‘Hawayen’ fame actress was observed making it to Nida Yasir’s morning show with the commencement of Ramadan in order to inform the public what her cosmetics brand is offering especially for this month. From hand and foot moisturizers, glowing serums, volume and shine shampoos and conditioners to tints and anti-acne creams, ‘Truly Komal’, as the brand is named, is bringing everything for the public to buy at reasonable prices.

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Other than that, Komal Rizvi has also initiated her Iftar spread known as ‘Aapka Dastarkhwan’ in which the singer and actress provides free food to millions of needy people including orphans and labourers. She has been doing so for the past eight years, told Rizvi through her Instagram, thanking people who have been supporting her in the endeavor throughout.

Komal Rizvi made her acting comeback last year in Ramadan with Saif-e-Hassan’s rom-com ‘Taana Baana’ after a long break from acting during which she chose to focus on her singing and brand promotion. She has been doing Coke Studio numbers and making it to various talk-shows to tell how ‘Truly Komal’ provides organic cosmetics stuff. Now, after having proven her worth as an adept vocalist and properly establishing her brand, Rizvi is back into acting and hosting, the proof for the latter being in the form of a lifestyle show which she is currently hosting on a local channel.



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