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Writer Saima Akram leaves fans guessing about actor she doesn’t admire

Popular writer Saima Akram Chaudhry has left fans in a quizzical situation ever since she uploaded a status on Facebook, addressing an unnamed actor and asking him to work on his expressions, as there seems to be a dire need for him to learn acting.

With two of Saima Akram’s dramas currently running on air starring three heroes, two in ‘Hum Tum’ and one in ‘Chaudhry and Sons’, fans are in a constant state of inquisitiveness regarding who the actor is who does not seem to have satisfied the writer with his acting skills. Is it Ahad Raza Mir from ‘Hum Tum’, Junaid Khan from the same project or Imran Ashraf from ‘Chaudhry and Sons’, who according to Saima Akram, has kept monotonous expressions throughout the serial?

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Majority of the viewers thought that it was Ahad Raza Mir who was being talked about, but when asked, the writer favoured Ahad Raza Mir by saying that he was the king of expressions. She also said more or less the same things about Imran Ashraf, which also inclined people to think that she might be talking about some serial other than her own. To the disappointment of many, the writer kept the viewers guessing and without naming the person she was referring to, went on to upload more stories on Facebook, leaving the public confused.



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