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Ali Tahir makes stunning comeback with five characters in a month

Seasoned actor and sometimes director Ali Tahir is extremely choosy about his work, and it is for this reason that he takes long breaks in between his projects, preferring one drama serial a year but putting in his maximum effort to make it worth watching.

‘Taar e Ankaboot’, ‘Muhabbat Subha Ka Sitara Hai’, ‘Iltija’, ‘Inkaar’ and ‘Phaans’ are a few notable recent projects of the actor otherwise remembered for timeless sitcoms such as ‘Teen Bata Teen’ and ‘Shashlik’.

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This year, however, Ali Tahir has made a full-fledged comeback by doing five experimental roles within a span of one month only, starting with the advent of Ramazan and ending on the occasion of Eid. The actor himself expressed a lot of happiness at being offered to do a variety of roles by Mazhar Moin, who directed all of these projects, their names being ‘Nisa’, ‘Kaanpein Taang Rahi Hain’, ‘Mast Mohabbat’ and ‘Made for China’, with ‘Nisa’ being a series in which Ali performed two different roles in accordance with the stories in two of its different episodes.

“An interesting stretch as an actor, a range of characters in the past one month” was how he described this experience of his of managing five different characters within one month.



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