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Anti-US protests break out in KP

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister (CM) Mehmood Khan’s audio message has come to light in which he asked his officials to protest against the United States of America for reportedly interfering in internal politics of the country.

In an audio message, Mehmood Khan told his officials that Prime Minister Imran Khan had called and instructed all the ministers to hold rallies in their constituencies today after Friday prayers with pictures of the sold MNAs, and express solidarity with the prime minister.

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He also asked them to raise slogans against traitors.

The CM could be heard saying that rallies should be held against the deviant members, and on the other hand, they should celebrate the victory in the local body elections.

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The chief minister of KP also said that slogans should be raised against the United States and videos of the protest should be shared with him so that he could get coverage on social media.

Talking to media, Mahmood Khan confirmed and said that everything was permissible in Jihad. Later in the day, pro-PTI people took to the streets and protested against US.



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