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As PM Khan reiterates ‘foreign conspiracy’ narrative, US declines allegation again

Amid all the constitutional crisis happening in the country, United Stated once again declined the allegation of meddling in Pakistan’s domestic policy.

During the regular media briefing at the US Department of State, Jalina Porter Principal Deputy Spokesperson while answering a query related to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s allegation said, “Let me just say very bluntly there is absolutely no truth to these allegations.”

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She further added that the US is following the developments in Pakistan.

“We respect and support Pakistan’s constitutional process and rule of law. But again, these allegations are absolutely not true,” she said.

On March 27 Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing a public gathering showed a letter and claimed that he has received a letter from a foreign country according to which a foreign conspiracy is going on to topple his government.

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Later he cleared that it is an official wire that is written by our Ambassador in US Asad Khan. But from that day again and again the US has denied these allegations and said that there is no truth in this allegation at all.



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