Beijing government warns of new bar-linked COVID-outbreak

115 out of total 1,946 cases linked with bar, Beijing Government Spokesman

Picture source - Getty images

Recent outbreaks of COVID-19 in Beijing have been linked to bars. In the currently evolving situation most cases have been linked to a drinking establishment called Heaven Supermarket Bar.

A spokesman of the Beijing government Liu Xiaofeng said that till now 63 cases have been identified linked with bars. He said that the rising number of COVID affected cases has caused curbs in the capital and the city of 22 million people is back on state of anxiety.

During a press briefing Liu said that two districts including most populous Chauyang district have been affected by COVID the most so far, due to which specific entertainment venues of the districts affected have been closed.  He told that out of total 1,946 cases 115 had linkages with bar.

Only two weeks ago the authorities had relaxed the COVID lockdown restrictions that were imposed due to rising cases few weeks ago in April.

As a result mass testing of nearly 25 million residents of the area has already been started and five districts have imposed restrictions upon the local residents to leave home until testing has been completed.

According to media reports, a total of 210 cases were diagnosed in June 10 out of which 79 patients affected by the virus were asymptomatic, which is a new record of asymptomatic COVID patients. However, so far no death has been reported.

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