Government gives additional $3 billion financing plan to IMF

The government has given an additional financing plan of $ 3 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

According to sources in the Ministry of Finance, the Rise 2 program will provide $ 450 million, AIIB and commercial banks will get $ 1 billion loan. Discussions on financing between the Finance Ministry and the IMF are going on.

Officials have requested the IMF that if an agreement is reached, it will be easier to manage financing.

The IMF’s response is awaited in this regard whether the IFF agreement will be the first or more $3 billion guarantees are needed.

A response from the IMF on the loan plan is awaited, the plan to get money from the Donors Conference in Geneva has also been given to the IMF.

It is to be noted that the United Arab Emirates has confirmed $ 1 billion financing for Pakistan to the IMF, sources in the Ministry of Finance say that now only Saudi Arabia’s confirmation is left in the staff-level agreement with the IMF.

According to reports, $2 billion in financing from Saudi Arabia is expected this week.