Lawmakers in NA slam blasphemous remarks by India’s BJP leaders

The lawmakers in the National Assembly here on Monday strongly condemned the derogatory remarks uttered by India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Participating in the discussion on the sanctity of the last Prophet (PBUH), MNA Syed Imran Ahmad Shah termed the derogatory remarks as an unfortunate incident and asked for the Muslim community across the country to show unity on this issue. He said that Indian leaders had hurt the sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims living across the globe. He asked the government to approach the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the United Nations for highlighting this crucial issue. He urged that the people involved in this crime should be punished. MNA Moulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali said it was the fundamental part of Muslims’ faith to love Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) more than their children and parents. He suggested the government call back Pakistan’s high commissioner from India and expel the Indian counterpart. MNA Sabir Hussain Kaim Khani said all Muslims were ready to sacrifice their lives for the sanctity of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Minister for Religious Affairs Mufti Abdul Shakoor, while participating in the debate, asked Muslims to exhibit greater unity and shun their difference and give a resolute reaction to India on this issue. He said Pakistan would invite members from all Muslim countries to the Rehmat Ul Alameen (SAW) Conference in Rabi-ul-Awwal during which a strategy would be devised to prevent derogatory remarks against the Prophet (PBUH) in the world. He asked the prime minister to raise this issue at the UN General Assembly. MNA Shagufta Jamani strongly condemned the derogatory remarks and asked the government to take up the issue at all international forums. MNAs Ghaus Bux Khan Mahar, Muhammad Afzal Khan Dhandla Salahuddin Ayubi and Nisar Ahmed Cheema participated in the debate and expressed their concerns, condemning the derogatory remarks in the strongest term.