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Medicine prices skyrocket as floods push demand up amid dried-up supply

The demand for medicines, already non-available in the markets of Punjab and Sindh, is rising due to the current flooding crisis in the country, pushing prices up.

The monsoon flooding, costing hundreds of lives and millions being affected, is not yet over. Millions of flood victims have started to fall prey to disease outbreaks that has triggered a drastic increase in the demand of basic medicines like paracetamol.

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The already dried-up supplies have caused the prices to skyrocket making the situation even more dire.

According to media reports, many pharmaceutical store owners have put the blame on manufacturing companies by saying that the supplies have been dried up purposefully. They have also complained that for exploiting the situation the medicines were being sold in the black market at sky-high rates.

In large metropolises like Lahore and Karachi, the drug shortage has triggered an increase in the prices. Vice President of Wholesale Chemists, Amir Malik, told local media that the price of a box of Panadol had reached Rs650 from Rs350 but the pack of the medicine was not even available for Rs800 in the black market.

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Apart from Panadol, ORS, Flagyl, Entamezole and Ibuprofen have also been on shortage along with medicines for diabetes, heartburn, blood pressure and hepatitis.

A member of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Association told local media that the production cost of medicines has increased due to the sales tax as well as increased dollar rate that has caused the raw materials to become pricey.



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