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Thursday, December 1, 2022
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EditorialThe Malala power

The Malala power

The Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai visited the country after many years to show solidarity and attract attention and funding for the flood victims of Pakistan. She visited the country on the 10th anniversary of the attack on her by the Taliban. Malala has since then gained a name for herself and has been tirelessly working for her cause for education for all, especially girls. During her visit, the Nobel prize winner interacted with the women and children who are residing in relief camps. She took an interest in their activities and one of the girls there also complained to her that education is not being provided to secondary school children in the camps. She later took up this issue with Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah who assured her that all of these demands will be fulfilled.

After getting shot by the Taliban, Malala faced many struggles due to her health. However, she never gave up on her cause, and now she is running the Malala Fund and is an activist for female education around the world. She won the Nobel Prize at the tender age of 17 and graduated from the University of Oxford. Malala, through her fund, has set up many schools around the world. Malala is the youngest ever UN Messenger of Peace and has worked tirelessly to support the cause of peace and education around the world as she has first-hand experience of living in an area that was taken over by militants who opposed both peace and education for girls.

The floods in Pakistan have exacerbated the already failing education system in the country. In this aspect, girls are already marginalized as there is less focus on making education accessible to girls. Now that the floods have ravaged whatever little infrastructure, there was available for schools, Pakistan is in a state of crisis in this aspect also. Not only have problems arisen in terms of lack of schools, but the downtrodden families are also being forced to sell their girl children into forced marriages for whatever little amount of money they can get. With this, their education is halted and their childhood is taken away from them.

Malala, while visiting the affected people, talked about how education is of utmost importance and promised to help in developing better facilities. Her basic aim in visiting the country is to draw attention to the dire situation that Pakistan is currently facing. Earlier, it was seen that people criticized the Nobel Laureate for not visiting or shedding light on these floods on international forums. However, Malala had this visit in her plans so that she can bring the attention of the world to Pakistan through herself.

The female education activist has struggled a lot in life and has achieved much more than any other 25-year-old. She not only cares about her community but people around the world. She got shot for promoting education at a young age and she has come out even stronger through all the trauma. Malala’s goal is one of the most important goals that a country can adopt as it is education that allows a country to jump on the road to development. Inclusive education is her goal and it is truly an important one.

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