When judges will breach our limits then we will raise questions, Khawaja Asif asserts

Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has said that when the judges will cross our limits then we will also raise questions.

While speaking on the policy statement in the National Assembly on Friday, Defense Minister said that some questions had been raised by the Supreme Court regarding the suo motu case and its effects can be negative on the current situation as well as on the future.

He said that it was unfair to overthrow Nawaz Sharif’s government.

“I do not want to cross my limits, I do not want to criticize,” the defense minister explained.

Khawaja also expressed satisfaction that a nine-member bench had been formed. He urged that this decision should not be heard by nine judges but by the full court.

Khawaja Asif further remarked, “I want to ask that there is a complaint that parliamentarians keep criticizing judges by taking their names, if some judges are getting criticized then why not others? This is a question for the judiciary. Justice Saqib and Justice Khosa are being criticized, so why not Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk? When judges will breach our limits, we will also raise questions.”

He further said that a new question arose regarding the credibility of the decision to dissolve the two assemblies.

“It is not the job of the judiciary to rewrite the Constitution, the way Article 63 has been rewritten, these are its effects,” Asif claimed.