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Two Finnish guys ‘annex’ Russian diplomat’s parking spot by painting Ukrainian flag over it

Action called two-man referendum as all voters agreed

Two Finnish men painted a Ukrainian flag on a Russian diplomat’s parking spot, implying its annexation and calling the act a ‘two-man referendum’.

According to a report in Business Insider, in Finland’s city, Turku, Jarno Virtala and Markus Mattsson painted Russian Ambassador Pyotr Plihin’s parking spot with broad blue and yellow strips representing the Ukraine flag.

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Virtala and Mattsson called their act a ‘two-man referendum’ on “annexing” the diplomat’s parking spot.

As per media reports, Finnish city officials announced that they will not remove the paint.

The parking spot is right in front of the Russian diplomat’s residence, which is reserved by the city for diplomatic use.

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The idea was put forth by Virtala, and Mattsson decided to assist him.

Mattsson tweeted that they held a two-man referendum on annexing the parking spot to Ukraine.

He further said that all voters agreed so they decided to celebrate the result by painting a flag on the parking spot.

On the other hand, Virtala commented, “The consul came out from the building and started to take photos of me and he wasn’t very happy,” Virtala said. “I think he didn’t like the colors at all.”

According to them, Virtala and Mattsson just wanted to show their support for Ukraine peacefully.

According to media reports, Plihin was already getting rude treatment from some of his neighbors and this is not the first trolling case.

Finland shares a huge frontier with Russia and has kept uneasy neutrality between Russia and NATO for decades. However, following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Finland decided to enter NATO and is currently in the process of joining.

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